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Dominion Engineering now provides Geotechnical Testing and Inspection services with the use of our own Mini-SID, Downhole Camera and Thermal Integrity Testing Equipment. With this equipment we are capable of testing drilled shafts/bore holes up to 250 feet deep as well as inspecting abandoned mine shafts for stability and integrity. We view the inspection in real time on a video monitor and provide your results on digital media.

At Dominion Engineering we understand that bottom cleanliness of drilled shaft foundations has been proven, through load testing, to directly influence end bearing performance. Further field research and experience has shown us that displaced bottom sediment also reduces side shear in the bottom 1 to 2 shaft diameters.


  • Shaft Inspection Device (Mini-SID) & Downhole Camera are used used to visually inspect and ensure shaft bottom cleanliness and is offered as a turn-key inspection service by our highly skilled technicians.


  • Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) is a technology that utilizes the heat generated by curing of concrete to assess the integrity and quality of the material. Dominion uses TIP testing on drilled shafts, augered cast-in-place piles, slurry wall panels and soil nails.


The essential operation of a Shaft Inspection Device involves lowering a stainless-steel inspection bell into the bottom of a drilled shaft excavation. The bell is filled with compressed air, and a camera is mounted on the top of the bell for a clear view of the circular inspection zone. Gauge posts inside the bell identify sediment depths in the viewing area when the inspection bell can rest on the bottom of the excavation.

Caisson Testing on
Bridge Replacement Project
Geotechnical Testing + Inspection Equipment
Downhole Camera
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TIP Testing on
Caisson Rebar Cage

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