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Dominion Engineering was founded to provide construction engineering assistance to contractors. At Dominion Engineering we have been in the construction field and know a simple design along with a good set of plans goes a long way. When it comes to construction engineering there is no task that can stop us.



  • Simple and Complex Deck Overhang Systems

  • Temporary Shoring

  • Rigging Plans

  • Beam/Culvert/Arch Lifting Plans

  • Advanced Bridge Jacking Plans

  • Temporary Bent Systems

  • Work Trestles and Platforms 

  • Concrete Formwork

  • Value Engineering

  • Bridge Loading Plans

  • Advanced Demolition Plans

  • Stream By-Pass Pumping Plans

Our Construction expertise is based upon knowledge gained in the construction field that we brought to the design field. We understand complex ideas might be nice on paper but when it comes to implementing those ideas simple designs are key to getting the job done faster and safer. 

Dominion Engineering | Simple, Efficient and Thorough

We understand that while complex ideas might be nice on paper, simplicity and efficiency are key when it comes to implementation. We deliver designs with a strong emphasis on cost control and quality assurance, while adding significant value to your projects by solving complex structural and geotechnical issues during the design phase.

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We're here to help.

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We'll make ourselves available to you whenever you need us. Our ability to solve complex problems under tight deadlines sets us apart.  We'd love to discuss your next project!

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