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Dominion Engineering is capable of designing numerous types of geotechnical methods. We specialize in retaining earth and supporting structures with deep foundations. Our specialty geotechnical department can solve your most complicated geotechnical needs with years of design and installation expertise backed by state-of-the-art software. 



  • Landslide Remediation

  • Permanent Soldier Pile Retaining Walls

  • Temporary and Permanent Soil Nail Walls

  • Rock and Soil Tie-Back Anchors

  • Micropile Foundations

  • Caisson Foundations

  • "H", Pipe, Timber and Concrete Pile Foundations

  • Ground Remediation

  • Shaft Inspection Assistance

  • Temporary Support of Excavation Such As:

    • Drilled/Driven Soldier Pile + Lagging Walls

    • Tie-Back Soldier Pile Walls

    • Driven/Anchored/Wale Sheet Pile Walls

    • Cofferdams

    • Secant Pile Walls

    • Soldier Pile Walls

    • Shotcrete & Geo-Mesh Walls

    • Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

Our Geotechnical expertise is endless, give us a call to help in remediation any of your geotechnical problems. You may not see our final product, but you can trust they were designed with a solid foundation. 

Arch Shoring System: Arch Slurry Wall & Soldier Piles
with Wood/Guide Rail Lagging

Dominion Engineering | A Solid Foundation

You may not be able to see our final work product, but you can trust that they were designed with a solid foundation. We can assist with your most complex geotechnical and structural needs, and provide solutions that make your job easier in the field. Whether you need complex shoring or foundation design or need help with drilled shaft inspections, we can provide the quick assistance you're looking for.

Contact us today for a quote: 814.933.4332 or



We're here to help.

Have a problem and need assistance quickly?
We'll make ourselves available to you whenever you need us. Our ability to solve complex problems under tight deadlines sets us apart.  We'd love to discuss your next project!

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